Carry on.

Time is Tight as a 3 year old’s fist….

…. Holding onto a lollipop.

Today we had a BADM presentation to do and we had no written report and no chance to practice the presentation. Actually, we did have one chance, but only three of the six attended.

Oh well… then we realized that the written report was incomplete…. actually about 7 pages incomplete. Yikes! So we spend an hour typing frantically to get the report done.

We did the presentation, handed in the report and like grease on a MacDo skillet, it was all over.

Now the focus turns to the final exam on Wednesday… and I still have a few more chapters to read. I hope I get through them all tonight and tomorrow. I think that my first A in an Academic course in almost 10 years may be within striking distance! Wish me luck and wish me time! I certainly need it.

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