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Goals for the week of 14 June 2004

Goals for the week of 14 June 2004

  1. Scripture Study: Every Day. 7/7
  2. Personal Prayer: Every Morning and Evening. 6/7
  3. Exercise 3 times this week 3/3
  4. No TV or fast food this Week 7/7
  5. Study Accounting 1.5 hours per day 6/6
  6. AHT of less than 120 per day 5/5

Reward for 100% Compliance: Big Sushi Dinner (With Tuna Sashimi)
Reward for 80% Compliance: Small Sushi Dinner (Sorry… No sashimi for you!)
Reward for 70% Compiance: Poutine combo with Hot Dog Chili and Cheese

3 thoughts on “Goals for the week of 14 June 2004

  1. yong_sa

    Decided to do a few things differently. Since TV and Fast food were done well this week, I combined them as one goal to keep up the habits and make it a bit more challenging. Accounting study and AHT are essential this week, the next few months for that matter.

    Added a few more reward categories – it’ll make it worthwhile.

  2. yong_sa

    Well, almost 100%. But At least I get a sushi dinner… I actually claimed the reward on this one with Evelyn on Friday, so I’ll just get a Poutine hot dog combo. Woo Hoo!

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