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Preservation: A God given gift, based on faith

Alma 57:25-27

The 2000 stripling warriors were people of sound faith. They believed with perfect faith that God will preserve them, and He did. Thousands of other Nephie soldiers were slain, but these 2060 warriors were different in their level of faith. So they were preserved.

I fully believe that we have the opporunity to receive the same gift – if we have perfect faith. Perfect faith is putting your trust in God, and leaving the details up to him, after doing ALL that you could do. I’m beginning to see that I have not had much faith. We really need to move out on our own as advised by our prophets and apostles. If we do, I know that we will be preserved, after we do all that we can do.

Now here’s where the perfect faith needs to come in. We need to learn how to control our finances. We need to get out of debt. We need to do without the things we don’t need. We need to put ourselves in a position where we can be blessed. Once Evelyn and I (especially I) do all that we can do, we need to make that step and move out on our own.

Living here at home is easy, but I am starting to feel that if Evelyn and I move on our own, we will be so much closer.

3 thoughts on “Preservation: A God given gift, based on faith

  1. Anonymous

    Closernest between couple doesn’t rely on where you are…It’s on how you love each other and try to understand
    one another.

  2. yong_sa

    That’s true, but in this case, living here in my parent’s basement is a crutch. They’ve been so good to us, but it would be good if we were out on our own. That way, my wife and I will rely more upon each other, and go through the struggles together.

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