Carry on.

Redhat – I love it!

Some people like to tinker around with their car. They like to open up the hood, disconnect parts, change their own oil, rebuild their own engines and soup them up.

Other people, for example Russ, my brother inlaw, like to build their own houses and furniture. He likes to create chairs from scratch, rebuild rooms in his house and revamp the backyard.

For me, I love tinkering around with my Linux OS. Although it can get quite hairy and difficult at times, making my OS better, more useful and more efficient is my theraputic addiction. (Geek Alert!) But I don’t care. We all have our things that we do that make us feel like we’re accompishing something. For me, Linux is it. I’m still quite new at it, but slowly, It’s becoming my main OS. I haven’t touched the Windows computer in a long time.

Today, I just figured installed Azereus, a bit torrent client. To get it working, I had to install Sun Java, get it running on my /etc/profile.d . After that things started to work correctly! 🙂

Right now, I’m downloading a Korean movie. The next thing will be to figure out how to display it on this computer!

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