Carry on.

Count your blessings

Yesterday, my sister called into the office yelling at one of my co-workers complaining that she was promised a service call at 5PM, when in fact, I made the appointment for anytime between 5PM-9PM. My co-worker asked me to call her because he could do nothing for her.

I called her and she just said that she has had the worst week. Clearly, she wasn’t doing so well, and I felt the need to be with her to cheer her up. My supervisor was very understanding and he gave me the day off (unpaid). I spent the evening with her and she told me about how her friend’s in the hospital, and how her friend’s dog is dying… Usually these things don’t phase her, so I knew something else what going on. She then explained that Claudine is getting married.

I think it’s wonderful that Claudine is taking this step. But for some reason, it’s made my sister really sad. She feels that she’s done the right things and has little to show for it. According to her, Claudine has done all the really mean things and here she is getting married.

It’s really hard for her to see Claudine get on with her life. It’s so hard to see my sister like this- her life could be so much happier if she stops looking outside of herself and see how much she really has. She has little debt, she has good friends and family that care about her. She has a stable job, and she has a great place to live. She is so lucky to have these things.

That being said, I really hope that she finds the right guy for her.

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