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More Age Factor

Being in university in 2004 is definitly quite different than being in university in 1997. Back in the old days of UBC, having a cell phone was quite prohibitive for students. After all, students had to eat, right? But these days, cell phones are ubiquitous. Everyone has one.

Looking around in my class, I noticed that people’s cell phones would vibrate or “beep” periodically. The classmate would pick up the phone look at the screen and either smile or frown. Originally, I thought that these people had alarms on their phone and they’re just checking the time. Then one time, a person would giggle or smile incessantly during the rest of the class. They’re not happy that it’s 4:32PM… they’re not stressed out that they’re late for an appointment…. They’re getting text messages from their friends.

I have a cell phone, but I never press that little envelope button. Either I have no use for the odd feature of SMS or I don’t have any friends who can text me anyway! 🙂 hee hee.

Back in UBC, I remember the days where they opened up a whole computer lab for email… not with webmail, but with PINE! Do you remember Netinfo? Our free internet accounts! Cap doesn’t offer such a thing… I guess everyone has Internet these days that a free dial up account would be just a waste of money.

What’s next? SMS through brain implants? Imagine… students are sitting in class when someone SMS’s an off colour joke to another student. All of a sudden, the student starts laughing for no apparent reason. The teacher SMS’s the student through her brain implant telling everyone to pay attention. Then, each one starts to SMS through the implants and the whole class is Rolling on the Floor Laughing – all without saying a word.

heh… imagine the spam we’d get through SMS brain implants! 🙂

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