Carry on.

Wow! I’m really Tired… But a good tired.

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like you did everything that you set out to do? I woke up today, and after a delicious breakfast from Evelyn, went to the Library and actually finished playing catch up in my reading. After four hours of class, I didn’t waste any time and sped over to Fitness World and got some exercise in. Now, here I am at work.

All I have to do is work hard today, give my wife a call and read my scriptures… then I can comfortably say that I really did everything that I set out to do! Still quite a few hours left in the day… but I hope that I can get through it well.

A wise person told me once to not just endure, but to “Endure it well.” I hope that I can do so.

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