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Shields and Breastplates = Prayer and Scriture Study

One thing that I noticed in Alma is the continual focus on wars and how the Nephites defended themselves against the Lamanites. They had Shields and breastplates and big ridges of dirt and fortified cities to prevent the Lamanites from overrunning. Whenever the Lamanites would run into a place which was too heavily guarded, they would try to find another way to get in.

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Life is like that I suppose. We all have certain weaknesses and bad habits that we fall into. The Adversary knows this and he will continually try those weaknesses in order to tempt you to do the wrong things.

Our Stake President gave us a nice talk in Priesthood meeting and said that today, our shields breastplates and ridges of dirt are our Personal prayers, our Scripture study and our service to the Church. If we do these things, we can make our weaknesses become strengths.

I prayed by myself last night… something that I haven’t done for a very long time. And today, I feel just a little bit better… just a little bit more inclined to avoid the bad things I shouldn’t do… and I know it’s the strength that comes from personal prayer. It’s not my strength… but the strength my Father in heaven gives me. Now imagine if I do this every day… Imagine the strength that will be afforded to me to do the right thing!

I need to do this on a more consistent basis.

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