Carry on.

Week 1 – Back on the saddle

Well, after my first week, with my first class at Capilano College, I must say that I am happy to be here. In fact, I really like the course that I’m taking and I’m wondering just where it will lead me.

The course that I’m taking is BADM 101 – introduction to Business Management. After sitting in a couple of classes I’ve found that there are people of many different ages and situations. Some are married, single, straight out of high school, working… some with families. Interestingly, I’m not the only one in the class who dropped out of UBC and persued something different.

I know that the love affair with the new program will transform itself into utter trepidation and frustration as I go through course to course. But that’s just the nature of something new. The challenge is to just stick with it and not only maintain your enthusiasm but your DEDICATION to the thing you’ve started. Hopefully I’ll maintain both and stand on the podium, hear someone call my name and hand me the piece of paper with my Undergraduate degree.

A classmate of mine was shocked when I said that I was married, I had a kid and that I’m 28 years old. The classmate thought I was much younger. Hee hee! I guess that age is nothing but a number… Many of us look different from our true ages. Hopefully that will be an advantage when I start applying for management jobs.

Until next time…

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