Carry on.

Nico is my son

Have a peek at “mine other plates” at, 19 April 2004. Otherwise, this entry might not make too much sense.

I can’t express the feeling I felt to hear my voice from Nicolas. To know, that his voice comes from me and to actually hear it. It’s an amazing feeling . I wonder what else comes from me? One thing that I fear is that he will have my weaknesses, my shortcomings. I am afraid that he might become like me – unaccomplished and with brains that he hasn’t used to the best of his ability.

I really hope though, that his own personal strengths can overcome those weaknesses. I hope that he can make himself the best man he can be. I hope that he will live a life worthy enough to be married in the temple and to serve an honorable mission. I hope so much that he will have an unwavering, ever-growing testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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