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I’m still debating whether to go to SFU or Capilano. One thing that can aid in your success is your level of participation in the activities. SFU has quite a bit of information regarding their student activities. Capilano has nothing mentioned on their website about it. So I wrote them this letter.


In order to make an informed choice as to which school I should attend, I was
wondering if you could answer a few questions regarding your Bachelor’s of
Business Administration program.

1. Student Business Clubs and Activities
Are there any student run Business clubs at Capilano College? Is there a
Business Student association at Capilano? SFU and UBC have marketing,
accounting, Asian business and other business clubs run by the students. I
searched your website but I couldn’t find such clubs.

2. Student Competitions and Volunteer activities
In order to gain exposure and experience, participation in Regional and
National business competitions is important. What competitions do Capilano
College students participate in on a regular basis?

3. Career Recruitment
Does the Business department provide opportunities to meet potential
employers outside of a co-op setting? Are there career fairs with major
accounting firms and large corporations?

4. Skill Development Workshops / Leadership programs
Does Capilano college provide skill development workshops (eg. networking
courses, time management, study skills etc) or leadership programs? Which
programs are available?

Since the Bachelors of business administration program is quite new at
Capilano college, it’s understandable that not all of the above programs are
available. However, I feel that they are important to the intellectual and
social development of successful business students. Furthermore, it gives
students the opportunity to develop contacts with future employers. They also
increase the stature and visibility of Capilano College as a business school.

If not all of the above programs are available, who would I talk to to start
up one of these clubs? Would the Business Department be intersted in
supporting such ventures? I would certainly like to be involved.

Thanks so much for your help.


Herbert Cruz

Hopefully they’ll send me some good information. We’ll see.

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