Carry on.

Singing in the car … with no one watching!

Today on my way to work, I decided to do something different. I switched off CKNW 980-News AM and popped in Handel’s Messiah, Part II and III, you know… the one with the Halelujah chorus. The song really gets under my skin, but in a good way. Usually, I would sing softly as I enjoy the beautiful voices. But today, I felt like singing as if I were part of the choir. In fact, I wanted to sing like one of the soloists… Herbert Cruz: Concert Tenor (or was it base… I could never figure out which was which on this piece!)

So I’m going down highway one, cruising at 90 clicks belting out the song like a man posessed. I didn’t look around to see if anyone was watching, but I didn’t care. I was doing something that I wanted to do, and I was doing my best at it! It was a good feeling.

Anyway, I hope that this will be my attitude during my studies. I hope that I will do my best, and I hope I can get beyond the “people are watching you” syndrome. What matters to me is that my family is secure… and a degree is one step towards that goal.

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