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SFU… Should I?

I just browsed through the SFU Business Administration website. I must say that I am very, very impressed by the level of quality that SFU offers in their program. A variety of specializations, Co-op work terms, exchange programs to other countries while paying SFU tution, Networking and Volunteer opportunities… SFU seems to provide a lot more than Capilano does.

This is Capilano College’s first year in providing a direct Business Administration Degree. Therefore, only three specializations, and few activities in comparison with SFU. I do know that equally important to the education provided by the institution is the opportunities to network with fellow classmates and those in the industry. Will Capilano be able to provide me those opportunities?

One thing that popped into my mind… With Capilano being new, it provides for an opportunity for me to take part in starting these activities and events. Could be interesting.

So… to take part in a big pond with lots of big fish, or take part in establishing myself in a little pond and make it a big pond… Not sure which one is better.

On a separate note, the Red Onion Restaurant contacted me and asked for the domain. I’ve agreed to it, and this website will be moving to “” in the next few weeks.

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