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Applications – Waiting

Perhaps one of the most stressful things about going to University for the second time is waiting for a response from the Registrars office. I must have logged on to the UBC, SFU, Capilano and Douglas Collage websites at least 5-6 times a day.

Why all the stress? Well for me, I just wonder if my past record at UBC will really affect negatively on my applications. I would prefer to go to SFU’s Business program. Excellent program and very flexible in terms of scheduling. With my grades, however, I’m not to sure if I can get in. I stand a better chance at going to UBC since I already have a record there, despite the failed courses. They have a MIS Business degree there too. Unfortunately, it’s very far and the commute would take up a LOT of my time. Capilano College’s BBA program is probably the most realistic choice – it’s Significantly cheaper than the UBC and SFU and it’s not too far. However, the choice of programs is only limited to General Business, Accounting and Marketing.

I’ve already been accepted to Douglas College, but that’s just my last resort if I don’t get accepted to the other three institutions. They have a direct transfer route to SFU but it will take a long time to complete my degree that way.

Decisions Decisions… Maybe I’m excited. Maybe I’m just bored not learning anything new!

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