2016 Goals

One thing that really worked well for me in the past was the concept of working towards a goal and reward.

Somehow,  that mindset gave way to going with the flow and taking what comes. Come what may. While it may work for others, the three years of stagnation and lack of growth or progression in many areas of my life have proved that this philosophy does not work for me.

I need to get back to basics. I need to strive for accomplishments. I am goal driven. I am reward driven. It works for me. I need to use it.

Below is the list of goals that I will achieve in 2016.

As in the past,  family related goals are not included here.

Academic and career
– Complete my PM certification – Feb
– Complete the Head First SQL workbook – April
– Earn a new role at my current employer or obtain a new position elsewhere.
Reward: Peace of mind and New Life

– Be a Full TP
– reduce consumer debt by $5000
– Save up for a ultra High def TV $100 per month
– Save up for Christmas
Reward: Peace of mind and new TV

Physical and emotional
– Get to a healthy weight 180 lbs
– train and run for Whistler (June) and MEC (October) half marathons.
– No more than 1 week and two days of downtime
– maximum number of rest weeks: 3
– Enjoy one personal LW per quarter.
Reward: Years added to life and Refurbished Laptop in December

– Complete and keep up with all Gospel Doctrine readings and write my impressions each Sunday.
– 100% Personal morning and evening prayer.
Reward: Joy and new set of scriptures.

Reward for accomplishing all goals above: Trip to Thailand/RP, Alaska or Mexico in 2017

Something to realize…

“It’s one thing for other people to see potential in you and it’s quite another for you to understand that and see it in yourself.” – Daisy Ridley


All that we do,  all that we are,  all that we are to become is founded on our level and understanding of faith.

Check your answers.

A word of advice to myself.

Check your answers before you respond to anything. Crises aren’t always your fault or a result of something you did. 


Staying out of trouble

The secret to staying out of trouble is to stay busy.

(today,  I repaired the lid screen on Nico’s laptop and downgraded the video drivers drivers in windows 10 to an older version to add open gl support. Minecraft is working again!)

Saw the fireworks today…

Battled traffic,  searched and found that perfect parking spot. The minute we sat down in the park,  the fireworks started.  Beautiful Brazilian fireworks.

Add an afternoon in the creek and it made for a perfect day.


Being happy

One of the things I need to develop is the ability to be truly happy for others. Just because their lives are going great and that they’re also doing the things that I want to do doesn’t mean that my life is a failure.

This feeling that tries to creep inside me whenever I see people travelling,  getting the jobs they want,  experiencing life to the fullest – the envy,  the resentment,  the intense longing…  Is a cancer that must be eliminated.  Avoiding possible triggers only temporarily shuts out the problem. Namely the attitude I have.  This constant comparing,  this constant frustration has gotten the better of me lately,  I admit. I must change this attitude and replace it with gratitude in any situation and gladness for others in my heart.

The truest sign that I have over come this particular weakness is to face the fortunes of others head on and smile…  Truly smile,  knowing that they are happy. And that they are content.

And that joy for them should be enough for me. If done right, it can cover any disappointment. It could become the joy that is in me.