Things don’t turn out the way you plan

Right now, I’m waiting in San Diego Airport to catch a flight to Denver and onto San Antonio. I’m going to visit my cousins there and run a half marathon.

Due to a whole lot of fog and snow in various places throughout the United States, I’ve been here since 11pm. Strangely, I’m not too upset about it. I submitted several job applications, scheduled an interview, got to try some great Texmex food. And the bright side is that I get to be there earlier than planned.

I came to realize that I had every chance in the world to choose how I’d respond to this situation that was beyond my control. I chose to be happy and remember that I’m on my way to see family and to run. And I can’t help. But smile. Really, it has been a great blessing.

Yes, things don’t turn out the way you plan them. But you can choose your reaction. Are you going to be bent out of ShapeAnd be angry? Or will you choose peace and joy?

Blech…. I’m half awake not really knowing what I’m writing. But I feel good. And I’m about to board… Now.

Change of plans.

Ok. Change of plans.

Will run 3 half marathons this year:

San Antonio Half Marathon (February 10) or walk full Marathon

Whistler Half Marathon (June 2)

Seawheeze Half Marathon (August) if I can get in.

The goal?

To run the Amazing Thailand Marathon in Bangkok in February 2019.

If that isn’t carrot to consistently train, I don’t know what is.

Goals for my 43rd year

Instead of the new year’s resolutions, let see if doing it in time for my Birthday works.


My vision in life is to sustain a life of personal gospel testimony, family joy and unity and lifelong learning through faith, frugal living, consistent study and frequent travel.

For my 43rd year my vision is to lay a foundation upon which I can have the ability accomplish several key milestones essential for our wellbeing:

  • Establish a successful career as a software development project manager and as a trusted advisor to stabilize my ability to provide for my family
  • Eliminate our reliance on consumer debt to prepare for the purchase of a property in the next 5 years;
  • Really get to know and truly adore my wife and children to foster love and unity
  • Improve my mental and physical health to be able to enjoy this wonderful chance at life that Heavenly Father has given me.



Weight 180 pounds at the end of the year using ketogenic and carb cycling techniques

Run the San Antonio marathon in February

Run a Saturday half marathon in the fall


Save $3000 for my trip to Southeast Asia in 2019.

Best self journal completion 80%

Consistent daily meditation practice


Obtain App builder and sales cloud certification

Start the Provincial instructor diploma program.

Obtain SSM status by end of 43rd year


Study the doctrine and covenants and pearl of great price

Temple worship minimum once per quarter


Introduce regular individual days for each person in my family , including myself. Do this monthly

Take my son home teaching monthly. 100%

Family home evening – do it consistently.

Continue date night the way I’m doing it now.

Method of tracking:

Best Self Journal.

Gratitude Journal – June 28, 2017

Things that I am Grateful For:

  1. Inexpensive Slimstyle breakfasts.
  2. The Beautiful and Mighty Fraser River to run alongside.
  3. Quickly subsiding mosquito bites.


What would be great if it happened today:

  • Study for my exam for 3 hours.
  • Go for a run 4 miles.
  • Go out with Evelyn for a bit.

Daily Affirmation:

“I can run 4 miles without stopping.”

What three amazing things happened today:


  1. Ran 4 miles in just over an hour
  2. TBD
  3. TBD


What could I have done today that would have made the day even better:



Scripture of the day:


Gospel Lesson of the day:


Gratitude Journal – June 27, 2016

Things that I am Grateful For:

  1. A career opportunity where people consider my input as valid and valuable
  2. Fresh, healthy salads for free
  3. A new start everyday


What would be great if it happened today:

  • Go for a run (that will make it two days in a row)
  • Take time to clean and to study for my exam
  • Make a milkshake

Daily Affirmation:

“I am transformed.”

What three amazing things happened today:

1. Went for a milkshake. Strawberry. 

2. Peaceful drive along Dewdney trunk road through Ruskin and Silverdale 

3. Helped resolve an issue at work. 

What could I have done today that would have made the day even better:

 Should have gone for a run. 

Scripture of the day:

 Helaman Chapter 15

Gospel Lesson of the day:

 You have been blessed with so much. Therefore much is required of you. 

2017 Goals


  • DONE – June 3 Train for and complete the Whistler 10k event on June 3rd
  • Train and run for the Halloween eve half Marathon on October 28
  • Lose 40 pounds and keep a weight of 200 pounds by December 31, 2017


  • DONE – April 3 First quarter: Find new employment which allows for growth
  • DROPPED – Second Quarter: Set up Ted Live experience April 23-29
  • Third quarter: ITIL Certification
  • Four quarter: SQL book completion.

Spiritual Goals:

  • Attend the temple once a  month
  • Study GBH manual and DC lesson manuals for each lesson in the week.
  • Pray every day on your knees each night and morning.

Financial goals:

  • Save for one month of salary if no Brian.
  • Save for three months of salary if  we have Brian
  • Eat out only once a week for lunch.

Emotional and Fun goals:

  • DONE March 27-31: Me week 1: Week of Apr 24
  • Me week 2: Week of October 28
  • Set up ADHD Coach
  • Read goal list Daily.
  • Set up weekly goals cards with the attitude goals included.
  • Complete the Korean class weekly podcasts.