2017 Goals


  • Train for and complete the Whistler 10k event on June 3rd
  • Train and run for the Halloween eve half Marathon on October 28
  • Lose 40 pounds and keep a weight of 200 pounds by December 31, 2017


  • First quarter: Find new employment which allows for growth
  • Second Quarter: Set up Ted Live experience April 23-29
  • Third quarter: ITIL Certification 
  • Four quarter: SQL book completion. 

Spiritual Goals:

  • Attend the temple once a  month
  • Study GBH manual and DC lesson manuals for each lesson in the week. 
  • Pray every day on your knees each night and morning. 

Financial goals:

  • Save for one month of salary if no Brian.
  • Save for three months of salary if  we have Brian
  • Eat out only once a week for lunch. 

Emotional and Fun goals:

  • Me week 1: Week of Apr 24
  • Me week 2: Week of October 28
  • Set up ADHD Coach
  • Read goal list Daily. 
  • Set up weekly goals cards with the attitude goals included. 
  • Complete the Korean class weekly podcasts. 

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